24 KARAS jewelry weaves together old world nostalgia with modern materials and minimalism. The line which has been described by the blog this is glamorous as “Hopeless Romantic”, is the work of New York City based Designer and Metalsmith, Elizabeth Karas.  Formally trained as a Graphic Designer, in 2004 while working in Midtown New York, Karas found herself drawn to work with her hands and began taking metalsmithing classes at Studio Jewelers in Manhattan and then continued her studies at the Kristin Hanson Fine Jewelry School in Brooklyn. “My grandparents were immigrant craftsmen and farmers from Poland and Italy. The longing to get my hands dirty while learning a new craft was something that I could no longer deny!” Karas, uses a variety of materials such as gold, sterling silver, brass and precious stones. All 24 KARAS pieces are hand-made in NYC.